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Easter 2020... not how we envisioned our traditional gathering, but the story of Jesus is worth remembering and celebrating!  Here are some options to choose from.  Choose one, or choose all.  Invite others to Easter at Brookview by linking to this page.



1)  Watch the message anytime on Sunday morning and beyond by clicking here


2)  Watch at 10:30A for the closest to being together that we can figure out

      click here at 10:30A to watch the message at the same time others.    


  • We will have a socially distanced group of a few from the Brookview team leading worship, so if you can route your computer/tablet through your home entertainment system, it would probably be a fuller experience, though watching on the computer, tablet, or phone will totally work.

  • We will be taking communion together as part of the in person experience
    Grab juice, or wine, or anything you have available to drink as well as bread or crackers and set it in an accessible place prior to clicking on the video at 10:30A.

    • We have an easy communion "skillet" bread recipe if you'd like to make unleavened bread at home. (click here for recipe)

    • We have a resource to help you explain communion to your kids. We recommend doing this prior to Sunday if you'd like your kids to participate in communion with you. It could be special to walk through this on Good Friday.  (click here for this resource)

  • We would like to hang-out with you after church. We know it's not the same as hanging out in the foyer of the church after service, but click this link between 11:45A and noon to join in a short zoom gathering with us.

3)  We have an easter experience/activity prepared for you.  This is family-friendly, but you don't have to be surrounded by people to do it.  It can be done as a couple, or as an individual as well.

(click here to see and access this experience)


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