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Love lived up toward our Father, in toward one another, and out toward the world around us.

Letter from Pastor Jason 

Dear friends,


I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Love Lived Here campaign! As Jen and I have prayed and worked alongside of all of you, we are sensing more and more that we are entering a pivotal season in the life of our church. God has enabled us to move into a church building in Brier and now we are being given the opportunity to purchase it. But this campaign is about far more than just owning a building! I am so proud of who we are and what we do, but I also believe God is inviting us to do and become more. As most of you well know, our vision is to continually grow and increase in the way that we live love up toward our Father, in toward one another, and out toward the world around us. This campaign is designed to position us to be able to do those things more fully. 


There are three things we are raising money to do, and they will be prioritized in the following order… 

1. Secure a loan for the purchase of the building.

2. Create a reserve fund for maintenance and improvements. 

3. Increase our ministry capacity.


The building has become available to us at a highly discounted and affordable price. The Vine Church sold the property to our denomination (The Christian and Missionary Alliance) for $671,438.89 in June 2018. Our denomination bought it on our behalf with the understanding that we would then purchase it from them for that same price within 12 months. So, one purpose of this campaign is to raise enough money to be able to make a down payment and secure a loan for the property. Once we own the building, we will then need a reserve fund to be able to take care of it. But the third part of this fundraiser is the thing that excites me the most. We would like to leverage capital into boosting our ability to do ministry. This could include the hiring of additional staff. For most of our 15 years at Brookview, Jen and I have been the only paid staff. What if we could add additional staff to develop and support our volunteer leaders on a much deeper level? What if what we are already doing could be done with more focus and passion because we have the finances and staffing to support it more fully? And, what if we had the financial and staffing resources to launch new ministries? This is why I sense we are entering a critical time in the life of Brookview. So much more is possible. 


We are calling this a “Vision Campaign” because it’s all about us, together, as a church, embracing the vision that drives what we do. Learning to love God more deeply, one another more tangibly, and the world around us more completely. Prayer is the foundation of this campaign. This is a time to pray like crazy, ask God to move among us, listen for how He is leading us, and go where He leads. 


I hope you will join us in Love Lived HERE!


Jason Huguenin

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