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At Brookview we’re striving to be a community of people where love is lived.  While things, like going to church regularly, reading the Bible, and praying, are vital for our growth as Christians, the ultimate aim of these practices is to actually become people who are devoted to loving God and the world around us the way Jesus would.  We believe that love needs to be lived out in all of our relationships and should reach outside our circle of friends and family to a hurting world.  


Brookview church is made up of a collection of flawed people trying to

figure out how to live the way of Jesus.

We are a part of a larger church

family called The Alliance.  

Click below for Brookview's 

doctrinal statement/beliefs .


In addition to our Sunday morning gathering, which includes programs for kids, we have groups that meet together during the week to do life together in smaller settings. We are also involved in local service projects, and overseas

 as a tangible way to live love.


Though Brookview is filled with a wide array of volunteers who make the

church run, Pastor Jason,  Jen

and Trevor are our full-time staff.

For more information on Brookview's

history and little bit about  

the staff, click below. 

In March of 2019, we embarked on a campaign called Love Lived Here. This video was created to share some of the history of Brookview, some stories of how God is on the move in the lives of his people, and what we are longing for more of.

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